Customer Reviews

As parents we all have concerns, here’s what our customers had to say.


We brought our Wearable Blanket on a primitive camping trip and my daughter was warmer than I was at night with two hoodies on.

I appreciate knowing that it is keeping her warm in the cold, but is also breathable if her body heats up at night.
Because the Wearable Blanket was different to any other pyjamas she has, my daughter was excited about the novelty of climbing into it. She loves wearing it and it is something that she now associates with with curling up for a good sleep.
The Wearable blanket is easy to wash. We just wash and dry like usual but find that I don’t need to wash it as often as other pj’s

(Brie, Mum to Matilda 5yrs)



Previously I put my kids in cotton pyjamas but if they sweat at the start of the night they would then end up cold later on. Now they are a comfortable temperature all night long.

I also don’t have to worry about kids kicking their blankets off and getting cold in the night. It didn’t matter if I covered my 3-year-old up throughout the night, within 15 mins his covers would be off!

(Elissa, mom to boys aged 3yrs and 4yrs)



My kids are all in the Wearable Blanket

They are super cute and the only reason I don’t have to run the heater on all night because they hate blankets. My 4 year old is wearing a sleepsuit passed on from a friend and it is flawless. I also really like that they are manufactured ethically because there are so many companies who aren’t paying proper wages to factory workers.

(Ellen, mum to boys 4yr and 6yr)



Nina slept better with this suit than with a blanket or a sleepsack.

I slept better, not worried about her being too cold! I loved that Nina could stand up in her cot without banging her head and that her legs were totally free to wriggle around and get comfortable. I also loved that Nina could get up on a cold morning and wear the suit around for a bit until the house heated up. The fabrics are beautiful and soft and did not irritate her sensitive skin…Thank you!

(Rachael, Mother to Nina, 18months and Roxy, 4yrs)



The kids kept kicking off the doona and waking up cold.

The Wearable Blanket is such a simple, clever idea. It has literally changed our lives. Our kids now sleep much more peacefully. It keeps them snug and warm but still gives them freedom to move. Plus, our kids love the fun designs and soft feel against their skin. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I wish they came in adult sizes!

(Caroline, Mother to Thomas, 18months and Charlie, 4yrs)



Our girls have stopped complaining that they are cold at night.  

We haven’t been getting many wake-up calls at night since we started using the Wearable Blanket. I can sleep better knowing that they are warm and comfortable. The girls love how soft and comfortable the suits feel. They would wear them all day if I let them!

(Ornella, Mother to Milla, 3yrs and Maya, 5yrs)



I love that it is made from natural fibres, no nasty synthetics.

The kids love putting them on for bed time and I love the fit and design on them. I am sleeping better now because I am not worried that the kids will be too hot or too cold. I would recommend them without hesitation. They are gorgeous and a high quality product.

(Sam, Mother to Darcy, 4yrs and Amber, 2yrs)



It was easy for them to put the suit on themselves.

My daughter slept soundly with the suit on. I love the wool fabric, the organic lining, the colour combination and the prints. I also love that it is not gender specific so it can be passed on to siblings.

(Andrea, Mother to Martina, 6yrs and Elizabetta, 2yrs)



 My daughter refused to wear a jacket or dressing gown so I was always fighting with her to put more clothes on in the morning.  When I went into her room she was always freezing cold.

Lucia likes to wake up and play in the morning before I get up.  I found that with the sleepsuit I could relax knowing she could jump straight out of bed and play and still be warm and unrestricted in her movements.  It was a godsend!  I was a bit unsure of sizing.  I was happy that I chose the larger size because Lucia can still wear it next Winter.
Bonus!  I liked that the sleepsuit is easy to get into so Lucia can easily dress herself without my help.
I really liked the patterns and colours as well, I think they’re really appealing to both parents and child which is sometimes hard to do.  The pyjamas and warmest weight sleep suit are the perfect sleeping solution for cool weather camping!
I love that its Merino wool and all natural, that’s a big deal for me.
I practically live in Merino year round and I love the feel of all natural fibres.  I’d totally recommend this product.
(Jane, mum to Lucia, 5yrs)